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I’ve been in the pageant industry for 5 years, but I’m still surprised by how little advice there is out there and especially how hard it is to find when you first discover pageantry. Even more so when you narrow it down to UK pageantry. There are some amazing UK coaches, but that can seem a bit overwhelming or even out of many people’s budgets. I wanted to create easily digestible content to help all pageant ladies, no matter how far along they are in their journey.


In the Pageant Land Podcast we discuss a wide range of subjects that are all apart of pageantry. Case studies, expert interviews, true stories from the trenches, plus you will get to meet a whole host of fabulous pageant ladies and discover the many systems the UK has to offer. I don’t know everything, but if you’ve got a question about pageantry I’m going to find you the answer. 

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    Be On The Podcast    

No one wants to just hear my voice all the time. I mean that physically and metaphorically. A variety of opinions, expert advice and getting to meet many of our amazing pageant community are just some of the benefits of podcast guests. Many systems will also count them as an appearance too. To appear on the podcast please CLICK HERE to join our waitlist for interviews. 


At the moment we are looking for 2 types of guests.

  1. Guest experts – Do you have a lot of knowledge in a certain area of pageantry?

  2. Pageant Directors – If you run a national or international pageant then why not tell us about your system in our 5 question bonus episodes. I’m afraid we can’t include any one-off pageants.


If you don’t fit in one of these categories, please sign up to our email list to be the first to discover if we are looking for anything new, plus stay up to date with all things UK pageantry.

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